Skills Global

Skills Global Autism Services WA provides comprehensive skills-based curriculum and individualized programs that help learners reach their full potential Comprehensive Curriculum for Skill Development We use the Skills® curriculum as the basis for each learner’s treatment program. Our curriculum covers eight primary areas of skill development, ranging from communication and social skills to sensory processing, […]

Early Intervention

Early Intervention At ASW, we believe that early intervention is key to helping children with autism have the best chance of success. We provide comprehensive services that not only help our patients reach their potential but also assist families in navigating the journey together. Comprehensive Services Our services are tailored to the individual needs of […]

Center-Based Services

Center-Based Services At Autism Services WA, we provide a comprehensive range of Center-Based Services to help individuals of all ages with autism spectrum disorder unlock their potential and reach their goals. Comprehensive ABA Therapy Our Board-Certified Behavior Technicians provide one-to-one applied behavior analysis (ABA) sessions for children, adolescents, and adults that take place at our […]

Insurance Accepted

Insurance Accepted Autism Services WA helps you get the insurance coverage you need to get the autism treatment your child deserves. Insurance Coverage for Autism Treatment We make sure you have the coverage you need to get the autism treatment your child needs, as most states have enacted autism insurance reform laws that require insurance […]

Additional Funding and Support

Additional Funding and Support Anchor of Hope Foundation Autism Care Today Autism Cares Foundation Autism Rescue Angels AutismSpeaks Blooming With Autism Giving Angels Foundation National Autism Association On a case-by-case basis, Autism Cares assists families impacted by autism in paying for vital living expenditures like housing, utilities, car repairs, nursery, burial fees and other necessities. […]

Guide to common Acronyms

Guide to common Acronyms ACRONYMS on our Website ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis ABC: Autism Behavior Checklist – a diagnostic tool ACA: Affordable Care Act ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADI: Autism Diagnostic Interview ADOS: Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale AIT: Auditory Integration Training ASA: Autism Society of America ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder ASL: American Sign Language BCaBA: Board Certified Associate […]